Happy Holidays, Fellow Osteopaths

Published 15 November 2021

Who would have thought that come Christmas 2021 we would still be dealing with the once-in-a-century global pandemic? Our world seems to have changed drastically. We are all still struggling to transition to a new normal. As health care professionals, the challenges we have faced have been unprecedented.

The last few years have been a slight blur. A lot of things that were put on hold as we tackled the emerging pandemic and then continued to fight the rising viral cases. Therefore, the usual CME and activities that we as the Massachusetts Osteopathic Society (MOS) did along with American Osteopathic Society (AOA) were put on hold. We did however continue to advocate for the rights of Osteopaths to both the federal government and local leadership. Now as we all slowly begin to emerge from the pandemic and try to find some semblance of normal, the question becomes where do we go from here?

As the MOS, we will continue to advocate for you. We will make sure that your voices are heard both federally and locally. We also hope that over the next year we can start to find opportunities to bring you more CME opportunities to not only expand your skills as an osteopath but also to connect with fellow osteopaths throughout the state.

Thank you and may the next year be a time of growth, good fortune and many blessings.


Yasir Saleem, DO
President, Massachusetts Osteopathic Society