“The Sacred Nature of Osteopathy: How Nature Heals”


Dr. Fulford’s Philosophy of Life and Percussion Course 2


3-D Anatomy & Embryology

3d-anatomy-1000wAttendees of the 3-D Anatomy & Embryology For a Multi-Dimensional Approach To Osteopathy Course

I learned so much from the hands on teaching with the cadavers. – Marco Cornelio, MD


The Massachusetts Osteopathic Society (MOS) has sponsored a course on Injections for the Primary Care Physician on several occasions. During this program attendees reviewed common joint ailments and learned techniques for injections using cadaver specimens. John Tierney, DO, board certified orthopedic surgeon, instructed the class and attendees received Category 1-A CME credit for participating.

It was a great experience that I recommend to every physician. – Paul Sahd, DO